Are you looking for some good musics for your yoga routine? Or, maybe you are searching for other types of music which you can listen to anytime? Then, you are in the right place. Here we have listed 10 links where you can download musics legally. What’s more, you can get them all for free.

1. Jamendo

All the musics available in Jamendo are made through Creative Common Licensing. That means the artists have given their permission for others to download their songs for free. In this site, we can find more than 470,000 tracks. Some of them are musics which you can play during yoga exercising. For more convenient use, you can download and install Jamendo app on Android, Windows, and iOS.

2. Free Music Archive (FMA)

Similar to Jamendo, FMA also uses the same license. You can download every single track legally without getting charged. This site has various music genres you can choose. There are also some peaceful tracks for yoga in musical instruments only.

3. Amazon MP3 is a place where we can find a lot of different things, including music. If you want to seach for some songs, then you can go to their Amazon MP3. You will be able to find your favorite musics there. There are even some lovely musics which can calm your mind and soul. And guess what? You can download them for free. But, you must keep in mind that some songs require a payment.

4. Internet Archive’s Audio Library

This site consists of millions of free musics to download. You will also find lots of musics which can relax yourself. If you want to find such tracks, you only need to type ‘Yoga’ on the search tool. You can sort the option by choosing a certain subject like Buddhism or meditation.

5. SoundClick

This is the place to find free music downloads directly from the website of the artists. Just browse a certain music chart or genre, and it will give you a website list where the artists publish their works. Besides the music, you can also find yoga instruction in audio format, which is quite helpful for beginners.

6. provides all the genres of music you want to hear. You can browse the whole list if you want. But, to ease your searching, you can sort it through the category, new releases, or else. Besides downloading, you can also stream them for free to check whether the song fits for you or not.

7. SoundCloud

This is another website where you can download and stream musics for free. Here you will find some musics uploaded by professional musicians. But, there are also some others uploaded by independent artists. Unfortunately, not all songs are available for free. Some tracks will even require you to give a Like on Facebook Page.

8. ARTISTdirect

Most of the songs in ARTISTdirect are free to download. But, once again, please keep in mind that some songs can charge you if you want to download them. There are a lot of songs here available in iTunes.

9. PureVolume

This site allows the artists to offer free music downloads so everyone has the access to listen their work. Furthermore, since it is user-friendly, we can use the site without any troubles. And, there is no need for us to create an account for downloading.

10. eMusic

In eMusic, all legal musics come in DRM digital format. Since their music catalog is vast, you may find any songs you are looking for. That includes the songs for yoga exercise and meditation.

So, those are all the 10 yoga music and legal music download links you can try. All of them are pretty handy whenever you want to search for any good musics.