Talking about business opportunities, there are a lot of potentials within us to make an innovative product that can be a business opportunity. To have a business, we need to make a good plan regarding the initial capital needed. As a businessman or entrepreneur who just started to have a business, we have to spend money or make some expenses to start it, we also need non-material capital such as knowledge about business that will be run especially. One of creative businesses to try is offset or T-shirt printing. In this business, a creative innovation becomes a must. A strong will and good confidence are the other requirements. To run this business, we need a deep knowledge regarding the equipment needed. Thus, you need to know information about how to make money with your heat press machine at home below.

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Heat Press itself is a machine that has been designed to print a picture or design on a medium such as a material or t-shirt by using pressure and heat at a certain time. Usually heat press machine is used in the making process of t-shirt printing. To know more about the usefulness of this machine, here is some function of heat press machine to make money with your heat press machine at home.

The first function of heat press machine is transfer paper; heat press serves to transfer images from paper that has been printed to the material in the process of T-shirt printing. T-shirt printing by using transfer paper method is a process conducted by firstly printing the image or logo design with paper printers and using special paper (transfer paper), then transferred on a material / T-shirt using heat press machine. There are two types of paper transfer, i.e. the standard or light transfer paper for white T-shirt or light color; and the dark paper transfer transfer for black or dark material.


The second function of the heat press machine to make money with your heat press machine at home is by using sublimation method. Sublimation method is similar to a print transfer system. How does it works is firstly the design sketch is printed in other media, usually in the form of transfer paper. Then the paper is rolled with a minimum temperature of 200 degrees Celsius above the substance to be sublime. In addition to rolling, there is also other alternative of using heat press machine, but this way is not too faster than the rolling system. Moreover, the image dimensions are limited to the available dimensions of the press machine. This sublimation technique will be maximal if it practiced in polyester material. Keep in mind, sublimation is not suitable for cotton but it can only be sublime on white-based material or “light color” base material. Machines used as to support this method are a computer, printer with sublime ink, and heat press machine.

Actually there are still a lot of business that can be done to make money with your heat press machine at home based on digital printing. However, it would be nice to understand first the two business opportunities above and then directly apply it as you wish,