Month: August 2017

Which Technology Will Replace Your Smartphone in the Near Future: VR or AR?

Technology has become more and more advanced from time to time. And, it does not show any signs to stop its development. At the moment, smartphone is the most-used technology. We can text and call someone, browse the Internet, watch movies, listen to music, and many more. But, will it stay to be the best gadget forever? We asked that question because there have been some other devices which may replace smartphones. In 2016, we are introduced to Virtual Reality (VR). A lot of people, especially gamers, are going crazy about it. Then, there is also a similar technology called as Augmented Reality (AR), which are quite popular as well. So, which one of them will get to the top and beat smartphone? Let’s check them out individually.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or simply known as VR is a technology which immerses people into a digital world. By using this device, we can see a complete different world with such a high quality visual. We will also get some new experinces with it.

   We can tell you a couple of reasons why VR is possible to replace your smartphone in a few years ahead. First, there is a fact that smartphone sale is slowing down. As a matter of fact, the sale of VR surpasses smartphone sales within only 4 years. Although the sale rate is not that slow, it proves that people have more interest to this latest gadget now.

Second, both gadgets offer different function. If we compare them, smartphone is more convenient to use. It has a lot more features than VR. However, there is still a chance for this new device to grow into something more advance. Soon it might have all the features in smartphone. Plus, it has other features which you cannot find in your phone.

Augmented Reality

Many people said that Augmented Reality or AR has higher chance to replace smartphones. It is because this device has better technology compared to VR. This one combines a lot of features in VR (e.g. stereoscopic 3D or positional tracking) with natural environments. Let’s take HoloLens by Microsoft as the example. This gadget is able to put a virtual screen on the wall of our real world. That makes AR can replace our television too.

What makes AR has bigger chance for the replacement is that some big tech companies begin to show their interest toward this latest technology. Besides Microsoft, there are also Facebook, Google, and Snap Inc. Each of them even have taken some steps in building their own version of the device.

From the comparison above, it is clear that AR is the one that will replace smartphones. However, it will not happen in anytime soon since smartphone has better function at the moment. It is important to note that either AR or VR is very difficult to get perfected. Not to mention, not all people can use these two gadgets because of their expensive price. Unlike smartphone, we cannot carry them to anywhere as we like. But, there is a chance that both AR and VR might come with better price and function. Consequently, more people will be able to afford it and leave their phone behind.

That is our prediction about smartphone, AR, and VR. So, what do you think? Will smartphones be replaced to any of these two gadgets? If it will, which one will you choose to go with?

What We Can Expect in Avatar 2

Have you watched Avatar movie? If you have, then you know how great this sci-fi movie is. We must give a big applause to the director, James Cameron. Using latest technology at that time, he successfully made one breathtaking movie with beautiful content. Now it has been 8 years since its release in 2009. It has been confirmed that there will be a sequel of the movie. We will get another chance to see Pandora and its native people, the Na’vi. While waiting for its official release, here are several things you can expect to see from the Avatar 2.

The Plot

In the first movie, it focused on the Hometree. It is a giant tree as well as the home for Na’vi clan. The plot is about how the main character, Jake Sully, worked together with the clan to protect their home from humans. In the end, the Na’vi won the battle, and they can stay peacefully in their planet.

The plot of the first movie is quite interesting. So, what about Avatar 2? Actually, there is no official statement about it since the production team keeps it quiet. But, in one of Cameron’s interview, he revealed that they are making up for the ocean ecosystem of Pandora. Some people believe it since the director himself did an exploration in the deep sea long time ago. However, he denied it and added that his exploration has nothing to do with the movie. Moreover, he actually said that it is his scuba diving experience before the exploration that inspires him to the sequel.

Besides the ocean, they will also focus on the rainforest of Pandora. And, the humans will serve, once again, as the antagonists.

The Cast

Both Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana has confirmed that they will return to the movie. Hence, we will see the Na’vi couple, Jake Sully and Neytiri, again. Joel David Moore also has officially signed to come back as the scientist named Norm Spellman.

The unexpected part here is the comeback of Dr. Grace Augustine played by Sigourney Weaver. Most people believe that she was already died in the first movie. Cameron said that the sequel will reveal the truth behind this plot twist. However, the most confusing part is that Weaver actually said that she did come back to the movie but as a different character.

What’s more surprising here is we will also see the revival of the villain, Colonel Miles Quaritch. Played by Stephen Lang, this character was also supposed to be dead due to a couple of arrows shot by Neytiri. This is surely confusing, but we can only wait for the movie to see the truth.

New Technologies

In the first movie, Cameron used 3D technology, and the result is outstanding. Nowadays there have been some more advanced technologies. It is not surprising to see he will use them again in the sequel. And, it is correct as the producer, Jon Landau, stated that the next movie will combine 3D, high frame rates, and 4K Resolution into one package. If this is true, then the movie will have such remarkable image quality.

Those are all the things we can expect from Avatar 2. Unless we wait for its official release, there is nothing much we can say about the movie. The current official release date is in December 18, 2020. It is surely still a long time to go, but hopefully the result is worth for the wait.